The Humanitarian Effectiveness Project

Established in 2012, the Humanitarian Affairs Team seeks to inform and support the development and implementation of Save the Children strategy, offer proposals to improve policy and practice within the organisation and across the humanitarian sector, and foster opportunities to translate these proposals into practicable plans of action. Housed in Save the Children UK’s Humanitarian Department, the Humanitarian Affairs Team serves as a counterpoint to programmatic and technical expertise, providing insight into the conceptual and theoretical questions that underpin humanitarian practice.

The Humanitarian Affairs Team are:

Sophie Dicker, Research Manager

Sophie has worked in a number of roles across Policy and Research, Advocacy and Campaigns at Save the Children. Before joining the organisation, she co-led research on maternal health in Ethiopia and conducted research on urban growth management in Colombia with University College London. She holds an MSc in Development Planning and a BA in Philosophy.

Fernando Espada, Senior Humanitarian Affairs Adviser

Fernando is Senior Humanitarian Affairs Adviser at Save the Children UK. Before joining Save the Children, he was Senior Research and Policy Associate at DARA. Previously, Fernando was Field Research Manager of the Humanitarian Response Index, communications director at Concordia 21, managing editor of Foreign Policy Magazine in Spain and deputy director of the think-tank FRIDE. Co-author of OCHA’s Saving Lives Today and Tomorrow, Fernando has research experience in humanitarian contexts, such as the Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Haiti, Liberia, Pakistan or Yemen.

Jessica Field, Humanitarian Affairs Adviser

Jessica is a historian and works as a Humanitarian Affairs Adviser for both Save the Children UK and the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester. Jessica holds a PhD in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response and her research and teaching interests include the development of the dominant humanitarian system and the influence of INGOs on governance. Jessica has previously worked for the International Division of Scottish Government on the development of their India Plan and international development grant management. She has also consulted for the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai for their Aapti programme, which rehabilitates survivors of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Juliano Fiori, Head of Humanitarian Affairs

Juliano leads the Humanitarian Affairs Team in Save the Children UK. His primary areas of interest are solidarity and the politics of aid, and humanitarian governance. Prior to joining Save the Children, he worked for a number of years on the politics of conflict and development with think tanks, academic institutions, NGOs, the UN, and as an independent consultant. He has a BA in Classics, an MPhil in International Relations, and a Graduate Diploma in Economics.

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